Keith And Pink Perform For The First Time On Their New Single ‘one Too Many’ During The Acm Award Ceremony

Keith Urban, is a 52 year-old musician who mostly deals with country music.


Keith Urban, is a 52 year-old musician who mostly deals with country music. He is married to Kidman since June 2006 and as of now they have been married for about 16 years. They met at a Gala event in 2005 and their love was more of love at first sight. Their romantic life was pretty intense and the actress Kidman says that she does not know whether it is because she is into acting. For her feelings are overwhelming or what it truly was. As for Keith Urban, the moment he saw her was like the moment he knew that it is her. And so from this very moment their journey of love began and nearly a year later they got married.

Together they are blessed with two daughters; Sunday Rose aged 12 years and Faith Margaret aged 9 years. Apart from these, Kidman had two children from a previous relationship with Tom Cruise; a son called Connor aged 26 and a daughter called Isabella aged 27. Urban meeting Kidman was the moment he would decide it was either doing it or not, getting it right or wrong everything not only had to change, but he also had to make changes to walk in this road.

Urban and Pink were hosting the

The couple puts everything into their family and only through this can they push forward. Recently, Keith released a new single called ‘One Too Many’ a collabo done with Pink. This video was done separately due to their inability to bridge the distance during the period of sickness. The musician says that he always admired the work of Pink as she is a talented singer as evidenced by her previous works. He was certainly excited to have worked on this piece together with her and as he played the electric guitar to a frenzy, Pink was there complimenting the song with her amazing voice.

Urban and Pink were hosting the ACM awards for the year 2020 and this was after releasing their new single the previous day. The pair attended the event on 16th September 2020 and on this platform they performed their first show for the recently released song live. For this occasion, the wife was unfortunately not around as she had gone to Australia to film for her upcoming series, ‘nine perfect strangers’. regardless of the distance between the two, the wife supported the husband a world away. She shared a clip of herself watching the show on a laptop on her Instagram account saying that she wished she were around.

Keith And Pink Perform For The First Time On Their New Single 'one Too Many' During The Acm Award Ceremony

Apart from this, she was also super excited about the single realeased by the two, and she could not help but tease them saying that she could not wait to watch the song. These two absolutely love each and as a result they had their 14th anniversary this June and the couple went to grab dinner at Beverly Hills. From this, she made a black and white picture post picturing her and her husband, and she captioned it ‘us love ash tag Happy Anniversary. This post was on her Instagram page acknowledging this special day to them.

On the other hand, Keith posted a snap of the two jumping up in the air in a beach, and he captioned that it had been 14 years and he felt as her boyfriend in all the ways. He then wished her a happy anniversary.