Popular Ceili Dances Vol. 3

The Sean Quinn Band featuring Seamus McCullough on percussion

This is the third recording of music for ceili dances from Glens Music. It is a studio recording featuring the multi-tracked sounds of Sean Quinn (accordions) and the drumming of Seamus McCullough with bass and keyboard accompaniment. It is of particular interest to dance schools because the music featured is timed specially for teaching and practising the following dances, based on the guidelines in Ar Rinci Foirne (published by, and available from, The Irish Dancing Commission).

The High Cauled Cap
The Sixteen-Hand Reel
Haste to the Wedding
The Duke's Reel
Lannigan's Ball
The Bridge of Athlone
The Cross Reel
Rince Fada
The Glencar Reel
The Bonfire Dance
PLUS four popular 2-hand dances:
The Stack of Barley
2-Hand Reel
2-Hand Hornpipe and
2-Hand Jig

* The 2-Hand Dances on this CD are not covered in
Ar Rinci Foirne so separate instructions are included.
Ceili Dances Vol. 3 CD


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