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by Sean Quinn

This A4 book (88 pages) has just been published in 2016 by Glens Music. It contains 112 new compositions created over a period of more than 50 years - 46 Reels, 32 Double Jigs, 9 Hornpipes, 2 Slip Jigs, 5 Polkas, 2 Slides, 7 Marches, 2 Mazurkas, 2 Barn Dances, 4 Waltzes and a Planxty to delight any traditional musician's appetite for new tunes. There is also the story, accompanied by many unique photographs, of Sean Quinn's career in traditional accordion playing, including his involvement with some of Northern Ireland's most popular ceili bands.
"There appears to be a great demand for new tunes among young musicians in today's world of traditional music. This is a challenge Sean has responded to handsomely. This book of original dance tunes is a treasure trove of compositions and a life's work in traditional music and in my opinion is a worthy addition to any musician's collection."
Johnny Murphy, Master Fiddler.

ONLY £15 incl mailing worldwide. (CURRENCY CONVERTOR)

Denis Sweeney - A Master's Collection

edited by Johnny Murphy

This large A4 book (108 pages) was published originally in 2015 by Clachan Press and contains many of Denis Sweeney's manuscripts and transcriptions of traditional tunes, spanning a music career of over 60 years. Denis was a highly regarded fiddler and fiddle teacher who left a legacy of recordings and music tutorial books which are treasured the world over. His fiddle course is also available through Glens Music and this book also gives an insight into his life and times and his musical associates. The contents were assembled and edited as a labour of love by one of his most successful pupils - Johnny Murphy of Ballymena, now a fiddle maker (Braid River Violins) and fiddle teacher in his own right.

This book is also £15 incl mailing. (CURRENCY CONVERTOR)

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